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St.Thomas Arts and Science College is upgraded as a  Resource centre of Spoken-tutorial programme in kerala in the year 2015.Our college conducts various spoken-tutorial courses in all departments and presently 11 FOSS(Free and Open Source Software ) are taught in various classes across batches. All the students in our college are registered in the spoken-tuorial website from their first semester itself. This programme is an add-on to the curriculum and FOSS are mapped to the semester subjects and students are given audio-video training sessions in the computer lab. The spoken-tutorial online exams are conducted successfully and certificates from IIT-Bombay are distributed to the students. Further details can be obtained from the "Spoken Tutorial" website :http://spoken-tutorial.org


Our college, St.Thomas Arts and Science College, Puthencruz, was upgraded as a FOSS Resource centre of spoken-tutorial program, IIT Bombay, on Monday 26-July-2016. It was a proud and historic moment for our college. We had a grand Inauguration ceremony. We had a function to inaugurate the upgraded FOSS software lab also.

Our beloved Principal Prof. V.K.Yoyakki inaugurated the lab and also made the announcement about the upgradation of our college as FOSS Resource Centre, to the student community. In his inaugural speech, Principal Prof.V.K.Yoyakki talked about the relevance of Free and Open Source Software in today’s world. Spoken-Tutorial FOSS Resource centre coordinator Asst.Prof. Sujithra Sankar also spoke in the function. She talked about the advantages as well as the duties of a FOSS resource centre. Afterwards, Asst.Prof. Jerry babu , Asst.Prof. Ajitha Das, and Asst.prof. Shamna Vasu were selected as spoken-tutorial coordinators for the Academic year 2016-17.

Prizes were distributed to the students who got highest marks in the Spoken-tutorial Exams conducted in our college in various FOSS. Special Cash prize was given to Ms. Jaimymol K.J., 3rd semester BBA student for securing 98% marks in the Blender 3D Animation course.

The media was invited and the inauguration ceremony news was published in the local papers and in our website as well.

FOSS lab Facilities:

There are 15 dedicated systems exclusively for the training of FOSS in our computer Science lab now. All the FOSS specified in the spoken-tutorial program are loaded into those dedicated machines. Now, any teaching, non-teaching faculty, students or Admin staff can access these systems and learn FOSS by themselves. The systems are also loaded with audio-video files of all FOSS, and headsets are provided for each system for the convenience of the learner. A learner can access these systems at any time in the college working hours, open audio-video files and the corresponding software and learn any FOSS software by the side-by-side method. Students and faculty can learn new softwares and if interested, register on spoken-tutorial website and get the certificates after taking exams.

Softwares loaded in our FOSS lab:


2.Libre Office Suite





7. C/C++





12.Apache Server

13.NetBeans IDE



Our Future Plans as a FOSS Resource Centre:

First of all, a workshop on spoken-tutorial program and FOSS will be conducted for all the college admin staff and non-teaching staff. Workshop on Spoken-tutorial program was already conducted for the teaching staff of all departments.

We are planning to conduct FOSS awareness programs in the nearby schools and colleges.

We are aware that, as a FOSS Resource Centre, it becomes our duty to popularize the FOSS and spoken-tutorial program in the educational-Institutes in and around our college. These awareness programs will be implemented in the coming months. Promotion of FOSS through our website will be done as well. We are planning to dedicate a page in our website to spoken-tutorial FOSS program and lab activities. The inauguration ceremony will be highlighted in our website as well.

Asst.Prof. Sujithra Sankar

Spoken-Tutorial FOSS Resource Centre Coordinator 01-Aug-16